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Kids&Us Sant Pere de Ribes

Nuestro equipo

Nuestro equipo

Nuestro equipo
Nuestro equipo

Preparados para la apasionante tarea de enseñar inglés a los más pequeños

Nuestra prioridad es encontrar personas que puedan enseñar y motivar a los niños a aprender inglés, que conecten y tengan empatía con los más pequeños. Un gran dominio del inglés, dinamismo, profesionalidad, empatía y una gran motivación por su trabajo son las principales características de nuestro equipo docente.

A continuación os los presentamos:

  • Jennifer Mesa - Dirección General

    Jennifer Mesa - Dirección General

    Jennifer, licenciada en Pedagogía y diplomada en Magisterio Infantil combinó su pasión por la enseñanza con todo un reto personal, el liderazgo de la dirección general de tres centros Kids&Us del Garraf, el de Sant Pere de Ribes, Cubelles y Sitges. Su pasión y entusiasmo se ven reflejados en sus centros que tienen sin duda la huella y el mimo de quien desarrolla una actividad que le apasiona.

  • Ruth Montes - Academic Coordinator

    Ruth Montes - Academic Coordinator

    Hello! My name is Ruth and I am studying an Engineering Degree in Barcelona. I started learning English at the age of five and I have been twice in England. Since then, my goal has been knowing as much as I can from English-speaking countries and maybe, someday, end living there. I have worked as an English tutor and I wanted to keep on teaching English. I am looking forward to learning many things from this experience at kids&Us and I am very excited to start my first year here!

  • Gloria Altozano - Teacher

    Gloria Altozano - Teacher

    Hello! My name is Gloria, and I am from Vilanova i la Geltrú. Since I was a kid, I loved learning as much as I could about languages. During High School, a passionate love for English was born in me and I tried to learn as much as possible by myself at home watching series, listening to music and reading books. Moreover, I am studying English Philology at the University of Barcelona, doing both language and literature at the same time, something very important for me. I have worked as a particular tutor for over 4 years, and this is my first year in Kids&Us. I am looking forward to see what this experience will give, not only for me, but for everyone involved in this project.

  • Ibone Bas - Teacher

    Ibone Bas - Teacher

    Hello! My name is Ibone and I am from Sitges, I lived in the UK for 15 years and that's how I learnt English. I came back to Barcelona 3 years ago. I studied legal secretary in the UK. I am a mum of 2 boys aged 10 and 5 who also speak Spanish, catalan and English. I worked in a nursery in the UK and taught Spanish. I love photography and travelling. I am very excited to start this new journey at kids and us and see what life brings from this experience.

  • Ruxandra Turcanu - Teacher

    Ruxandra Turcanu - Teacher


  • Patricia Giaramita - Teacher

    Patricia Giaramita - Teacher

    Hello my name is Patricia, I come from Málaga and I was born in a multilingual family, so for me it comes really natural to speak in Spanish, English, French, and I even can understand a little of Italian. Besides Málaga I have been living in France and Italy, though I have spent the last twenty years in Sitges.I have a vocational certificate of Secretarial School and two years in Law University. In my free time I enjoy hiking, cycling, snorkelling and reading a good book. I am also passionate about travelling. I am looking forward to start this new year with Kids and Us.

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